Vision For Marvin

Marvin is a family oriented community that takes pride in it’s “small town charm”, excellent schools and open spaces. It is important to Mike and I that our son receive an excellent education and grow up in a community where he feels safe and secure – Marvin is that community and our home.

Living in the Charlotte metro area for the last 13 years, I have seen both successful planning and development but also mistakes and misjudgments. I want to ensure the integrity of the “small town” feel that Marvin has worked so hard to preserve remains intact, and to do so, we need to be proactive and remain in control of Marvin’s future via Community Oriented Planning and Development. My experience in the real estate can add perspective to this process as we develop Marvin responsibly.

When I decided I wanted to help influence Marvin’s future, I started attending the Marvin Council meetings and work session meetings in order to become more informed of the current issues affecting Marvin. In doing so, I learned that the current Marvin Council was planning on building a new Village Town Hall. While I am not opposed to having a new Village Town Hall, I believe that incorporating Town Hall into the Village Center through a well thought proposal is imperative. I do not think that we need to develop this area parcel by parcel, as is currently proposed but instead have a master plan. In order to truly build an identity and something special for Marvin, we need to consult the experts. I have never planned a community, but I know that there are many experts out there who have and can advise us on the best possible use of our land in order to build something to be proud of.

There is only a small amount of land that remains undeveloped and I think we need to support a low density, family oriented Village Center. My vision is that this will be a gathering area for families, anchored by chef run and inspired restaurants, family owned businesses, green space for family events and the new Village Town Hall. The “big box” type of development does not fit into the charm that is the Village of Marvin.   We have an opportunity to control our village’s future and continue to expand the charm that is Marvin.