Campaign Trail

Wow…what a great weekend. Mayor Pollino, candidate Mike Gilboy and I continued to meet many of our fellow Marvin residents. We continued to listen to their concerns about traffic, traffic safety, and moving forward with a new Village Town Hall. Many residents are concerned that the current council is out of touch with what the Marvin residents want and need to better their day to day lives. They want their voices heard and want a council that is in tune with the community. We are able to give the community a voice that they want heard.

Over the weekend, I heard a lie that is being perpetuated by the opposition. Let me be very clear, I have NO financial interest or financial gain of developing the downtown corridor of Marvin. I was informed that I did by a community member and that is not accurate. My interest in becoming a member of council is to help better the community as a whole and be a sounding board for the residents. There also seems to be some confusion about the development of the downtown area of Marvin. This area is going to be developed. Current council is updating their land use plan so that it can be developed. The only difference is that I want to have a plan. Current council wants to let it develop “organically.” We need to be able to control what types of businesses are good for the area. We certainly do not want any “big box retail” but have smaller, community, run businesses that will positively affect Marvin. I have heard that I want just the opposite. It seems that small town politics is hard at work. Please feel free to reach out to me directly with any questions or concerns at

Meeting Residents

Hello fellow residents of Marvin.  Mike Gilboy and I have been out meeting the neighbors of Marvin Creek.  We continue to listen to their concerns about the traffic congestion and traffic safety issues the plague our community.  We listened to various ideas and solutions that the residents have offered.  Again, Mike and I are trying to inclusive with our approach to Marvin Council, where the current council is trying to be exclusive.  We want as many ideas, solutions, and resolutions to their concerns.
After attending the council meeting on Tuesday October 10, it still seems that the current council is not concerned with getting the input from the community on the new Village Town Hall.  The Village is planning on having an open house to allow the community to view the land use plan and the drawings of the new Village Town Hall.  The current council agreed not to attend the open house.  This is a wonderful opportunity for the council to receive feedback from the community and allow them to ask questions.  I think this is a missed opportunity to interact with our residents on a very important project.  I plan on attending and look forward to seeing you there.

Thank you to all the members of the community that we have spoken with over the past couple of weeks. Mayor Pollino, and candidate Mike Gilboy and I have been going door to door and talking with our neighbors and fellow residents of Marvin. We have heard your concerns as well as your your thoughts for the future of Marvin. It has been truly enlightening to hear how much the people of Marvin care about the community and want its future to be bright.

We appreciate all the feedback from the community about what you feel are the major issues in Marvin and what has and has not been done to improve them. We keep hearing about over development in Marvin which leads to over crowding in our schools and an increase in the number of cars that travel our roads everyday. Please continue to let us know what issues are the most concerning to you. We want this feedback so that we can address each issue. Transparency and open communication are the corner stone of a successful Council.

We will continue to visit our neighbors and look forward to seeing you soon. Please make sure you get out and vote on November 7.


Council Meeting

On Wednesday, September 20, 2017, my fellow candidate, Mike Gilboy and I spoke in front of Marvin Council. Mike spoke in regards to the lawsuit that has been filed against the Village of Marvin and a Village employee. I made comments regarding the lack of information made available to the community on the official Village of Marvin website. I spoke specifically on the new Town Hall that the current council is building. After I asked questions and made comments, I was belittled and talked down to by the current council. I have included my statement I made before the Council:

Thank you Mr. Mayor, Councilmen, staff…

I am currently running for Marvin Council and have been attending council meetings and work sessions. I began hearing the current council discuss a new Village Town Hall and can not find any information regarding the new Town Hall on the official Village of Marvin website. I have been reviewing the Marvin website and the Council Mission Statement. It states: “We will strive to build strong relationships with all of our citizens and always remember that the role of government is to serve the people.  We will be open and transparent at all times.” On July 11, 2017 – Councilman Ron Salimao stated: “most people don’t care about Town Hall, that’s for us.” That statement is a direct contradiction to the current council’s Mission Statement. I have been speaking with members of our community regarding the current Council’s plan for a new Town Hall and most people are not informed about the current plans.

I would like to request a Public Information Meeting (PIM) for the new Village Town Hall project. Has there been any sign advertising a PIM regarding the proposed parcel? Has there been any renderings of the building available for the public to view? Has there been an interior design plan completed? If so, where is it for public viewing? Why are you, the current council, not listening to your own Planning Board when a member said on August 31, 2017 that the new Village Town Hall “doesn’t work for me.” How are you going to address the power lines that will be obstructing the new Village Town Hall? Did the current council fill out an application when starting this project? Again, I have looked on the Village website and there is no information regarding the new Village Town Hall. It is not under “About Marvin” “Latest News” “Upcoming Events,” nor “Current Projects.” I have not been able to find any information online regarding the new Village Town Hall. Why would the current council not consider slowing down, consulting experts, and devising a master plan so you can consolidate utilities, storm water retention, and parking in order to have a Village Center that accurately reflects the #1 demographic in the state?

The current council’s own mission statement says that they will be open and transparent at all times and serve the people. In reference to the new Village Town Hall, it seems that the current council has done quite the opposite.

Thank you for your time this evening.

****I have also attached the recording from that meeting