Meeting Residents

Hello fellow residents of Marvin.  Mike Gilboy and I have been out meeting the neighbors of Marvin Creek.  We continue to listen to their concerns about the traffic congestion and traffic safety issues the plague our community.  We listened to various ideas and solutions that the residents have offered.  Again, Mike and I are trying to inclusive with our approach to Marvin Council, where the current council is trying to be exclusive.  We want as many ideas, solutions, and resolutions to their concerns.
After attending the council meeting on Tuesday October 10, it still seems that the current council is not concerned with getting the input from the community on the new Village Town Hall.  The Village is planning on having an open house to allow the community to view the land use plan and the drawings of the new Village Town Hall.  The current council agreed not to attend the open house.  This is a wonderful opportunity for the council to receive feedback from the community and allow them to ask questions.  I think this is a missed opportunity to interact with our residents on a very important project.  I plan on attending and look forward to seeing you there.

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