Thank you to all the members of the community that we have spoken with over the past couple of weeks. Mayor Pollino, and candidate Mike Gilboy and I have been going door to door and talking with our neighbors and fellow residents of Marvin. We have heard your concerns as well as your your thoughts for the future of Marvin. It has been truly enlightening to hear how much the people of Marvin care about the community and want its future to be bright.

We appreciate all the feedback from the community about what you feel are the major issues in Marvin and what has and has not been done to improve them. We keep hearing about over development in Marvin which leads to over crowding in our schools and an increase in the number of cars that travel our roads everyday. Please continue to let us know what issues are the most concerning to you. We want this feedback so that we can address each issue. Transparency and open communication are the corner stone of a successful Council.

We will continue to visit our neighbors and look forward to seeing you soon. Please make sure you get out and vote on November 7.

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